Genshin Impact for PC: System Requirements

Genshin Impact for PC: System Requirements

Genshin Impact for PC system features – full specifications, see what specifications you need to run this game. Can I run Genshin Impact?

Minimum requirements

Memory: 16 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
File size: 30 GB
Operating system: Windows 10
Genshin Impact Minimum requirements

Recomended requirements

Memory: 8 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460
File size: 30 GB
Operating system: Windows 7

Can I run Genshin Impact for PC?

Genshin Impact PC requirements require at least 8 GB of RAM, however, 16 GB of RAM is recommended by developers. In terms of size, you will need at least 30 GB of remaining storage space for a Genshin Impact download. The developers recommend a processor at least equivalent to an Intel Core i5-4460. However, the recommended processor is equivalent to an Intel Core i7-6700. The Genshin Impact specifications require a minimum graphics card equivalent to an NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, however, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 card with 6 GB VRAM is recommended.

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Amazon Echo Dot can now be used through the Alexa app for PC

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot was launched in 2018 and was a great success, being one of the most popular smart speakers and at a very low price and it is the smallest speaker of all Amazon speakers. This year, Amazon launched one of the newest speakers, Echo Dot 2020, which is available at an affordable price of $ 29. To find out more details about this new smart speaker from Amazon, I invite you to watch the presentation below.

amazon alexa app for pc and smartphones

Our conclusion is that Amazon Echo is more than a portable speaker, it can practically be considered a smart friend who will find the answer to any question, who will cheer you up and relieve you of certain tasks, and can be controlled through the Alexa app for PC. In addition, it is able to provide an excellent level of entertainment and play high-quality music. Analyzing all these top features, we consider that the price at which it is sold is a very attractive one.

In addition, following the link below, you can also benefit from:

  • free delivery;
  • opening the package upon delivery;
  • extension of warranty;
  • the widest range of products;
  • acquisition in installments;
  • If you want a product with almost similar performance, sold at a lower price, we present the Google Home speaker, whose review you can also find on our website at the following link:
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AMONG US 2 has been canceled; only improvements will be brought to the first game

The bizarre hype that covered the entire Internet and everything related to the game Among Us is bizarre. It dates back 2 years but has exploded lately in the gameplay of famous YouTubers. A sequel had also been announced in the wave of frenzy, only it had just fallen.

among us game for pc

I know that at one point the manufacturer stated that it could not provide updates due to source code issues. InnerSloth has returned and said it has canceled Among Us 2, preferring to make improvements to the first game. Get first version of Among us from At the moment the game has 10 million installations on Steam and is a mega success on Twitch. It costs $ 4.99 on Steam, and it’s free on Android, collecting 70 million installations there. Anyone who doesn’t know the game should know that it’s a kind of “Killer surrender”.

Or Agatha Christie meets Rick and Morty if you want. There are 10 characters on a spaceship and one of them is a murderer. The 10 are multiplayer gamers and you can fall as a crewmate or Impostor. The goal is to do all the tasks on that ship and catch the imposter. He will pretend to do tasks, sabotage the ship and maybe even kill other players and run through the vents. Anyone can point to a corpse and then vote on who the imposter might be.

In the future, updates for the game are waiting for us, according to the developer, and I hope to see new maps or possibly a map maker. Everything created so far for Among Us 2 will be ported in the first game. How does the game make money? With crazy costumes, pets and other crazy things, hats and accessories to put on our colorful rats. Find the game here. I hope to see a solution to the problems with the servers.

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Android 10 is Google’s most successful operating system to date

The Android operating system has had a problem with so-called fragmentation since the beginning. Many devices remain stuck on older versions of the operating system, due to the fact that the manufacturers, who are responsible for the updates, choose to offer software support only for one or two years. However, it seems that this problem is starting to be solved in the last two years, especially thanks to the “Project Treble” initiative from Google. Android 10, launched last fall, is Google’s operating system with the highest adoption rate to date.

Android 10 has a record number of users for a Google operating system
Google has stopped providing monthly reports to developers, which accounted for a percentage of all Android-enabled devices for each version. However, the company seems to be so pleased with the evolution of Android 10 that it has provided some official information for its adoption. It seems that in just five months, no less than 100 million devices are running Android 10. This version is the first to reach a record number of users in such a short time.

Compared to Android 9, the Android 10 version is 28% ahead, while Android 8 and 8.1, the Oreo variants, were far behind. It seems that now, almost 10 months after the launch of Android 10, there are about 400 million active users using this version. In the same period, there were more than 100 million fewer users on Android 9, while the Oreo versions barely reached 100 million users.

The problem was solved by Project Treble
Project Treble is a Google initiative that allows manufacturers to release updates faster. It separates the operating system from the code that chipset manufacturers need to write for compatibility with new operating systems. Thus, manufacturers can now release updates without that code. Also, security updates are now much simplified, being released in a similar way to apply updates via Google Play.

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