AMONG US 2 has been canceled; only improvements will be brought to the first game

The bizarre hype that covered the entire Internet and everything related to the game Among Us is bizarre. It dates back 2 years but has exploded lately in the gameplay of famous YouTubers. A sequel had also been announced in the wave of frenzy, only it had just fallen.

among us game for pc

I know that at one point the manufacturer stated that it could not provide updates due to source code issues. InnerSloth has returned and said it has canceled Among Us 2, preferring to make improvements to the first game. Get first version of Among us from At the moment the game has 10 million installations on Steam and is a mega success on Twitch. It costs $ 4.99 on Steam, and it’s free on Android, collecting 70 million installations there. Anyone who doesn’t know the game should know that it’s a kind of “Killer surrender”.

Or Agatha Christie meets Rick and Morty if you want. There are 10 characters on a spaceship and one of them is a murderer. The 10 are multiplayer gamers and you can fall as a crewmate or Impostor. The goal is to do all the tasks on that ship and catch the imposter. He will pretend to do tasks, sabotage the ship and maybe even kill other players and run through the vents. Anyone can point to a corpse and then vote on who the imposter might be.

In the future, updates for the game are waiting for us, according to the developer, and I hope to see new maps or possibly a map maker. Everything created so far for Among Us 2 will be ported in the first game. How does the game make money? With crazy costumes, pets and other crazy things, hats and accessories to put on our colorful rats. Find the game here. I hope to see a solution to the problems with the servers.

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