Granny for PC Gameplay

The game is focused on utilizing an assortment of things in a time span of just five days to get away from the house while staying away from the solitary dynamic following threat. The player can either escape by eliminating the locks on the front entryway, or by fixing the vehicle in the carport, the last of which requires an extra arrangement of items. There an aggregate of 16 things that are important to gather to escape. Read more here

Granny scans the house for the player, utilizing any uproarious sound for her potential benefit and laying out snares to obstruct the player’s advancement. In the event that Granny detects the player, she will begin pursuing him at various rates relying upon the trouble. [6] There is likewise a monster bug on the top loft floor, which monitors a significant thing and will assault the player without hesitation on the off chance that it’s anything but occupied or killed, yet can’t move around the house openly. There is likewise an extra ‘bad dream mode’ which adds a more bloody surface to surfaces and re-surfaces Granny’s model just as re-cleaning Granny’s bear traps.

On the off chance that the player is gotten, Granny will thump the player oblivious, which closes the current day. The player can likewise get taken out by a few other natural dangers found all through the game. On the off chance that the player is gotten on the last day, one of 4 “game over” cut-scenes play, and the player is sent back to the title screen. The player can thump Granny oblivious (which goes on for a time of fifteen seconds to two minutes, contingent upon the trouble level), or visually impaired her briefly by utilizing a wide range of traps and weapons. In the event that Granny is thumped oblivious with specific weapons, an additional 30 seconds is added (15 if the player is playing on the hardest trouble).

The player additionally gets wounds during the timeframe they are in the house which incorporates limping and blood encompassing the fringe vision.

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