Android 10 is Google’s most successful operating system to date

The Android operating system has had a problem with so-called fragmentation since the beginning. Many devices remain stuck on older versions of the operating system, due to the fact that the manufacturers, who are responsible for the updates, choose to offer software support only for one or two years. However, it seems that this problem is starting to be solved in the last two years, especially thanks to the “Project Treble” initiative from Google. Android 10, launched last fall, is Google’s operating system with the highest adoption rate to date.

Android 10 has a record number of users for a Google operating system
Google has stopped providing monthly reports to developers, which accounted for a percentage of all Android-enabled devices for each version. However, the company seems to be so pleased with the evolution of Android 10 that it has provided some official information for its adoption. It seems that in just five months, no less than 100 million devices are running Android 10. This version is the first to reach a record number of users in such a short time.

Compared to Android 9, the Android 10 version is 28% ahead, while Android 8 and 8.1, the Oreo variants, were far behind. It seems that now, almost 10 months after the launch of Android 10, there are about 400 million active users using this version. In the same period, there were more than 100 million fewer users on Android 9, while the Oreo versions barely reached 100 million users.

The problem was solved by Project Treble
Project Treble is a Google initiative that allows manufacturers to release updates faster. It separates the operating system from the code that chipset manufacturers need to write for compatibility with new operating systems. Thus, manufacturers can now release updates without that code. Also, security updates are now much simplified, being released in a similar way to apply updates via Google Play.

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